How to Make Money Giving People Rides?

The way that people move around town, or from one destination to the next, has changed quite a bit in the last decade, or so.  With the creation of mobile companies, such as Uber and Lyft, passengers have broadened their horizons, as far as being able to be transported easily and safely.  These innovative companies have really expanded in recent years, and have provided local taxi services with a lot of competition.  The use of smartphones has made the ridesharing process a simple one, and this is a market that will continue to grow in the coming years.

     If you have considered working with Uber or with Lyft, in order to make some extra income, then there are several things that you should consider.  Below, we have compiled some of the advantages and the disadvantages for working with either Uber or Lyft.  Before you make a commitment to work with either company, it may be beneficial for you to read through our ideas below.

     Many drivers who choose to work as an independent contractor with a driving company, will decide to work with both companies, Uber and Lyft.  Of the two companies, Uber tends to have a broader reputation in most markets, so if a driver decides to work with just one of the companies, then Uber is usually the first choice.  If a person decides to work with both companies, it is to have the ability to increase their prospective job opportunities.

     Both companies use a smartphone app, in order to arrange the rides between driver and passenger(s).  The Uber app or the Lyft app allows the passenger to ping for a local driver that can take them from a prearranged pick-up spot to a prearranged drop-off spot.  Both apps provide photos of the hired driver, as well as ratings, and a description of the driver’s car.  The Lyft app also provides a spot for the passenger to upload a photo, too; however, there are no restrictions on the passenger’s photo, so the driver may not actually see a picture of the real passenger.  Most drivers tend to prefer the usefulness and the ease of the Uber app, when compared to the Lyft application.

     Drivers working with Uber or Lyft can make some significant money, depending on the hours that they work, the particular shifts that they are available, and the local environment in which they are located.  Typically, the larger the city, and the greater the need for short-distance transportation, the more business the Uber or Lyft driver will experience, and the more money they will be able to make.  It is important to note that the driver is generally in charge of vehicle maintenance and repair, as well as providing their own insurance and personal benefits.

     Safety is also a big concern, as far as being a driver, or a passenger, with either Uber or Lyft.  Through the Uber app, the Uber driver is able to share their current location with their own family or friends, while this feature is not currently available through the Lyft app.  Both companies, however, have location access for the passenger(s) in the vehicle, through the company app.

     Although both of these companies are growing steadily and are very popular, Uber tends to be the company that is most often chosen, among both drivers and passengers.  Perhaps because Uber has been in business the longest, and has had the chance to work out several of the kinks that were not working before, or maybe because the Uber name is more common in today’s transportation market.  Either way, it is important for you to check out both companies, and the popularity of each company within your particular area, before you decide which one to begin driving with, and embarking on your new driving, and ridesharing, endeavors.

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